• CIC again Youth Empowerment West Pokot County Governor H.E Simon Kachapin flaggs of the Youth Bunge Sacco Motorcycle Project at the County Headquaters in Kapenguria
  • Tourism Tourism West Pokot County has got attractive natural habitats that are peculiar and attractive. These sites contain rare species of the wild that include; elephant, duiker, Sykes monkey, beisa and fringe-eared oryx, waterbuck, olive baboon, lion, leopard, Kirk's dik-dik, spotted hyena, jackal, impala among other wild animals
  • CIC again Road Construction & Maintenance West Pokot County Government has invested heavily in the construction and maintenance of roads within the county.

    The road infrastructure is the key to economic development in the county
  • CIC again County Development Governor Kachapin flags off two milk cooling plants for Sina and Tapach all in Lelan Ward, Pokot South Sub County.

    The cooling milk plants will boost milk production in the region
  • CIC again CIC's Visit The Chairman of the Commssion on the Implementation of the Constitution Charles Nyachae shakes hands with H.E Governor Simon Kachapin at his arrival for an official visit to West Pokot County to promote civic Education for the Kenyans to receive necessary information regarding implementation of the constitution
  • World Vision Visits World Vision Visits The Ministry of Education & ICT together with the office of the Governor received a visitation by World Vision Organization for the purpose of partnership and working together with the County Government to benefit the residents of West Pokot County
  • Disability Celebrated Disability is not inability Disability is not inability – West Pokot County Government through Ministry of Tourism, Sports, Culture & Social Development launches a day for the People living with Disability (PWD’s) at Makutano Stadium on 9th June 2014.
  • Disability Celebrated Corruption si Poa H.E the Governor Simon Kachapin flags-off fight against corruption campaign with the theme;
    at the county headquaters in Kapenguria. With him is the Commissioner for Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
  • Deputy Presidents Visit Deputy President's Visit H.E the Deputy President hon. William Samoei Rutto, pays an official visit to West Pokot County on December 27, 2013.
    With him is H.E Governor Simon Kachapin of West Pokot County among other leaders
  • CIC Visits Sports Sports has been, is and continues to be an important activity under the devolved county government of West Pokot. West Pokot County participates actively in various sports which has played a key role to ensure Kenya shines in international sporting events
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Message from H.E the Governor

H.E Governor Simon Kachapin
I do extend my congratulations to the people of Pokot County for peacefully exercising their sovereign and democratic right to elect their leaders.

The choices they have made is a tribute to their courage, as well as their determination to safeguard their dignity and Keep Pokot County firmly on the road to development.

We salute the people of Pokot County for designing and investing in Institutions that promote the peaceful ...

Message From H.E Deputy Governor

H.E Deputy Governor Titus Lotee
I am very pleased to welcome you all here; the West Pokot County Website. This platform provides us with an opportunity to cast our gaze wider and learn more about what is happening in the County. May I extend my very warm gratitude to all of you who have in their own small way contributed to the great social, economic, political and other issues that gives a distinctive identity to our county. This great county is our home and everyone is able leader in different ranges of our vast society. I salute you all!

We are privileged to have a very able leadership at the County level, charged with the unique huge responsibility...