Mediation Summit in Moroto Promotes Peace and Collaboration Among Communities

Deputy Governor Robert Komolle has represented Governor Simon Kachapin in a landmark mediation and consultation forum held in Moroto, Uganda, that brought together leaders from West Pokot, Pokot of Uganda, Sabiny, and Pian communities from the West Pokot-Uganda border region.
The forum, aims to build bridges for Sustainable Peace and Development along the border region that has long been marred by conflicts between the communities. The forum saw representatives from various sectors convene to address longstanding conflicts and explore avenues for cooperation.
The deputy governor emphasized the importance of joint initiatives in agriculture, trade, education, and healthcare as catalysts for transcending boundaries and unlocking new avenues of development. He highlighted the power of collaboration in addressing the root causes of conflicts and creating mechanisms for peaceful resolution.
“It is time we cooperate for the benefit of our communities. Let us bring our efforts together to resolve border disputes to allow for development,” noted the deputy governor.
Hon. Esther Davinia Anyakun, Minister of State for Relief, Disaster Preparedness, and Refugees, underscored the necessity of enforcing laws to ensure universal access to education. As part of a comprehensive 10-year program by the Ugandan government, education is set to become compulsory for all, promoting equality among communities.
Addressing climate change emerged as a shared concern, with calls for collective action and resource mobilization to mitigate its impact.
Brigadier General Felix Busizori, 2nd in command of the 3rd Division in Moroto, outlined actionable steps to promote peace and stability. He advocated for concurrent disarmament operations and inter-community dialogues to reduce tensions, stressing the need for leaders to engage directly with their communities. Emphasizing the role of revenge in perpetuating conflicts, he proposed measures such as branding of animals to curb cattle rustling. He urged leaders and communities present to fully implement the resolutions agreed upon during the Moroto forum.
The summit in Moroto paves way for the journey towards sustainable peace and development in the region through dialogue, cooperation, and collective action from leaders, stakeholders and border communities.
Present were Peter Lokeris, Minister of State for Minerals-Uganda, Amudat District MP Micah Lobang’ang, Minority Leader Peter Lokor (Kapchok), Alale MCA Bosco Giratum, Kiwawa MCA Joshua Chumel, Kasei MCA Francis Loboo, Riwo MCA Joel Alukulem, Suam MCA Emmanuel Akasile, Lc5 Amudat District Joseph Lobot, Agriculture & Livestock CEC Wilfred Long’ironyang, Chief Officer Peace & Disaster Management David Chepelion among other officials.