His Excellency Simon Kachapin Kitalei is a prominent figure in the Kenyan politics, known for his development record, as the Governor of West Pokot County. Born in 1967, he attended Ortum Boys High School and later Chewoyet High School for his A-Level examinations. He later pursued higher education at Moi University, Eldoret, where he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Education.

Before venturing into politics, H.E Kachapin worked in the field of education. He served as a Senior Principal at Tamkal Boys High School and later Ortum Boys High School, contributing to the development of young minds around the county. 


Governor Kachapin's political journey dates back to when he was elected as the first Governor of West Pokot County, in 2013. He held this position until 2017, during which he worked tirelessly to improve the livelihoods of his people. During his first term, he prioritized healthcare reforms and played a significant role in enhancing education in the region. His efforts led to the establishment of the first ever tertiary institution, the Kenya Medical Training College, (KMTC)- Kapenguria Campus, the Kapenguria Early Childhood Development Education College (ECDE) and Keringet ultra-modern structure, that housed the Kisii University. This provided opportunities for further education and early childhood development. In addition to his focus on education and healthcare, H.E Kachapin contributed to the agricultural sector's transformation. He played a pivotal role in the introduction of the Nasukuta Abattoir, a vital facility for the livestock industry. Furthermore, his administration initiated the construction of various infrastructural developments that changed the face of the county. He also opened up thousands of kilometres of roads, including the historical Kriich road, where no road was in existence since independence and area residents had never seen a vehicle. This contributed to improved security, promoting economic activities and value addition across the county. To boost economic prospects, he spearheaded the process of building the modern Makutano Market and fresh produce markets across the county to enhance fair trade and business. He also initiated the proposed Kopoch International Hotel to boost tourism sector in the region. One of the key milestones during his term as Governor was his dedication to supporting the less privileged. Governor Kachapin became the first Governor to allocate bursary funds to support the education of needy children, thereby investing in the future of West Pokot County. After completing his initial five-year term as Governor, H.E. Simon Kachapin served as the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) for Energy, Education, and Water state departments. Following his commendable performance and service to the nation, he was re-elected as Governor in 2022, where he is currently serving. This re-election was a clear testament to the trust and confidence that the people of West Pokot had in his ability to effectively lead and govern the County. 

Governor’s Message

When we began this journey a decade ago, our key agenda was and remains to improve the livelihoods of our people. All our initiatives and programs have been pegged on that goal so as to achieve shared prosperity, enhanced delivery of vital services and improved management of public resources.

We have prioritized strengthening our 5 key pillars pegged on the Sustainable Development Goals; People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership, to improve and provide quality services to our people, boost the county’s economy, tackle climate change and achieve a more inclusive society for all. From annual 1 billion bursaries to every student from high schools to colleges and tertiary institutions to revival of Kisii University Campus at Keringet, we are committed to ensuring that every child gets an equal chance at securing their future.

Our county is vast and endowed with natural resources that provide endless opportunities for investment. With the setting up of Nasukuta Export Abattoir and industries coming up such as the Sebit Cement Plant, the county’s economy is set to absorb a number of unemployed youths; this will result in the demand for housing as well as hotel investment.

Through partnerships with various organizations and entities, we are on course to mobilize financial, technical and partnership support for initiatives to develop stronger institutions, enhance service delivery and increase citizen engagement in governance. We recently signed a partnership agreement with Saving Mothers Foundation and enhanced areas of partnership with DANIDA and many other partners in the health sector. As a result, our heath sector has seen rapid and positive change towards the provision of quality healthcare. We will continue to work closely with partners for shared prosperity.

While challenges remain, there are several bright spots, successes and good practices across the county. These achievements can be attributed to effective partnerships with development partners, government institutions, civil society and others.

We are in a state of progress and we continue to strive to provide solutions and exemplary leadership to our people.




Mr. Kalomaria who is 34 years old is a holder of a Bachelor of Education from Kisii
University and a Certificate of Primary Education from Mosoriot Teachers Training
College. Prior to his appointment he was a Head Teacher at Kamila Primary