West Pokot County Launches Kes. 60 million Maize Seeds and Fruit Trees Initiative for Food Security

The launch of the Maize Seeds and Fruit Trees initiative by H.E Simon Kachapin, valued at Kes. 60 million, signifies the   commitment made to the people of West Pokot to enhancing food security across the county.

With the Kes. 60 million, the County Government of West Pokot through the department of Agriculture and livestock procured 11,363 bales of seeds, benefiting 136,356 farmers across the county.

In Pokot Central, 24,120 farmers will receive 2,010 bales of maize seed, while in Pokot South, 10,440 farmers will be provided with 870 bales. Similarly, in Pokot North, 23,592 farmers are slated to receive 1,966 bales, and in West Pokot, 43,680 farmers will benefit from 3,640 bales. Additionally, 18,324 farmers in Kipkomo will receive 1,527 bales, and 16,200 farmers in Kacheliba will receive 1,350 bales of maize seed.

Furthermore, the county has developed tree nurseries for fruit tree seedlings at a cost of Ksh.15 million which will be consistently available and distributed to farmers continuously, through the department of Agriculture.

The governor launched 4000 avocado and 3000 mango seedlings that will cater for farmers who have already prepared their farms.

"We recognise the challenges farmers face in accessing high-quality seedlings and that's why my government has established a fruit tree nursery with a capacity of 2 million seedlings, including avocado, mango, coffee, and temperate fruit tree varieties," stated the governor.

In attendance were various dignitaries including H.E. Achaule Robert Komolle, Deputy Governor, Fredrick Kaptui Siywat, members of the county assembly, representatives from the National government, Kenya Seed Company, National Cereals and Produce Board, officials from the County Government of West Pokot among other esteemed guests.