The County Executive Committee Member for Lands, Housing and Physical Planning and Urban Development, Ms. Esther Chelimo, chaired two meetings focused on developing the Chepareria Municipality Solid Waste Management Policy and the West Pokot County Geospatial Information System (GIS) Policy.

The West Pokot Geospatial Information System Policy aims to ensure the effective and responsible utilization of spatial information for decision-making, planning, and resource management. The draft policy outlines guidelines and procedures for acquiring, managing, and utilizing geographic data and technology within the county, addressing aspects such as privacy, security, data accuracy, interoperability, and access to geospatial information for purposes like urban planning, disaster management, and environmental monitoring.

Meanwhile, the draft Chepareria Municipality Solid Waste Management Policy seeks to minimize waste generation, promote recycling and composting, ensure safe disposal methods for hazardous waste, and establish frameworks for waste management infrastructure and services. With the Chepareria Town Sewerage Project nearing completion, the policy will protect public health, minimize environmental impacts, and promote sustainable waste management practices within the municipality.

These meetings, supported by FAO under the Digital Land Governance Program, brought together technical staff from various county, national, and non-governmental organizations departments, including Kapenguria and Chepareria municipalities, departments of natural resources and environment, public health, agriculture and livestock, ICT, legal services, disaster management, UDO and NEMA, among others.

In attendance were Chief Officer Mathew Rionokol (Lands, Housing and Physical Planning and Urban Development), Longal Donato (Kapenguria Municipal Manager), Silas Plimo (Chepareria Municipal Manager), Cliff Barkach (NEMA), Wilson Kapanat (Chair Municipal Board), Directors William Petangole (Tourism), Kennedy Pkew (Environment), and Simon Chemakemer (Disaster Management), among other technical officers.