H.E. Simon Kachapin Simon Kachapin, alongside H.E. Achaule Robert Komolle, Deputy Governor spearheaded the launch of three pivotal projects in Kapenguria municipality.

Among these were the Kacheliba stage container stalls, the Kapenguria recreational park, and the Jacaranda grounds shoe shining booth.

The Kacheliba stage container stalls will continue to empower the local community in West Pokot County, offering a conducive environment for business operations, free from interference. Meanwhile, the Kapenguria recreational park remains a beacon for community engagement, providing a space for residents to connect with nature and partake in various recreational activities.

Highlighting the significance of the Jacaranda grounds shoe shining booth, Governor Kachapin emphasized its role in providing shelter during unfavorable weather conditions and enhancing a favorable environment for local shoeshiners, shoemakers, and other entrepreneurs.

Moreover, the governor stressed the multifaceted benefits of these projects, ranging from fostering community identity to promoting health and wellness through accessible green spaces.

The event also included the inspections of ongoing county administration offices and the Makutano dispensary, further demonstrating the administration's commitment to holistic development.

The event brought together Officials from the County Government of West Pokot, including CECs Esther Chelimo (lands and urban development), William Petot (water and environment), Lucky Litole (tourism and culture), Chief Officer Mathew Rionokol of lands and urban development, Donato Longal (Kapenguria municipal manager), Kapenguria municipality board members, MCAs, and other county officials, symbolizing a collaborative effort towards enhancing the livelihoods and well-being of Kapenguria's residents.