The West Pokot County Public Service Board (CPSB) conducted a comprehensive sensitization program on values, principles, and good governance within the public service, covering all county staff across the five sub-counties, that is North Pokot,Kipkomo,Central Pokot and Pokot south and kacheliba.

The sessions, chaired by West Pokot County Public Service Board Chairman John Martakou and attended by other board members, emphasized the importance of professional ethics, resource efficiency, accountability, and citizen engagement in policymaking processes.

Spanning in 7 days, the sensitization efforts reached various locations county government employees were reminded of their duty to uphold high standards of conduct both in the workplace and on social media platforms, setting a positive example for others and fostering harmony with the government.

Moreover, CPSB addressed pressing issues raised by county workers, such as the need for more ECDE teachers, gender balance, and the regularization of casual and contract employees.

Requests for additional and timely availing of resources materials were also highlighted to enhance productivity and service delivery.

In a holistic approach, partners in the health sector, including Equity Afia Medical Centre, Galilee Hospital, Giga Jubilee, and Reale and BCFC participated in the events, offering insights into available healthcare services for the community.

Also CPF- County pension fund representative Glarison Topilla encouraged the county staff to have savings in terms of pension fund to secure their future. Representative from the Local Authorities Pension Fund (LAP Fund) Ambrose Ruto underscored the importance of financial planning and savings for future security, advising county staff to prioritize financial prudence.

Vice Chair of the Public Service Board, Celestine Chemoy emphasized the significance of personal presentation, punctuality, and maintaining high morale in the workplace, reinforcing the commitment to professionalism and efficiency among county workers.
County Government of West Pokot human resource officers also accompanied the CPSB and assisted in answering some of the questions from county workers.