H.E Governor Simon Kachapin and H.E Deputy Governor Robert Komolle received a delegation from the State of Uganda, led by Hon. Dr. Lokeris Peter, Minister for Karamoja Affairs, alongside other leaders from Uganda to discuss progress towards border peace.

The discussions further focused on advocating for peace, settlement, and meaningful development among communities residing along the border regions. 

Governor Kachapin stressed the need for the leadership from Kenya and Uganda to continue working jointly towards peace-building along the border region. 

Deputy Governor Komolle expressed appreciation for the Ugandan leaders' dedication to these endeavors.

Following the deliberations, a committee was established to draft agendas, with the co-chair entrusted with crafting a comprehensive peace document for review by both presidents. It was unanimously agreed that community engagement (Pokot, Sabiny, and Pian communities) and consensus-building were imperative before any agreements were formalized.

 Among leaders present were Hon. Chemtai Everlyne, MP Bukwo District, Hon. Polkol David, Principal Adviser, Office of the President of Uganda, Assistant County Commissioner, West Pokot Emily Ogola, Police Commandant Peter Katam among other leaders in the security sector.