A joint technical committee comprising representatives from West Pokot County, Sebei, and Pastoral Communities of South Karamoja has held a meeting to address the persistent issue of border insecurity plaguing the region. The committee's primary objective is to recommend viable solutions aimed at fostering peace and stability along the borders.

The affected districts, which include West Pokot, Moroto, Napak, Nabilatuk, Nakapiripirit, Amudat, Bukwo, and Kween, have long grappled with sporadic outbreaks of violence and conflicts, primarily driven by resource disputes and cattle raids.

Led by Governor Simon Kachapin, Hon. Dr. Lokeris Peter, Minister of Karamoja Affairs in Uganda, and David Pulkol, Principal Advisor at the Office of the President of the Republic of Uganda, the Ugandan delegation joined forces with counterparts from West Pokot County to deliberate on comprehensive strategies to address the underlying challenges.

The delegation from both countries formulated terms of reference (TOR) aimed at highlighting short and long-term interventions to mitigate border conflicts. The TOR encompasses a wide array of critical issues, including peaceful coexistence, equitable resource sharing, and effective conflict resolution mechanisms among the cross-border pastoral communities of Uganda and Kenya.

Of paramount concern is the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, which have exacerbated tensions and fueled violence in the region. The TOR will thus outline strategies for gun control and disarmament initiatives, alongside mechanisms for compensating victims of conflict-related losses.

Moreover, the committee will devise frameworks for regulating entry and exit points along the border, thereby curbing illicit activities such as cattle thefts and smuggling. Additionally, cross-border development initiatives will be prioritized to promote socio-economic prosperity and enhance mutual cooperation between the neighboring communities.

"The collaboration between our respective delegations underscores our collective commitment to fostering lasting peace and stability in the region," remarked Governor Kachapin, stressing the importance of bilateral cooperation in addressing shared security challenges.

Echoing similar sentiments, Amudat MP PeterLobangang noted that there is need for inclusive dialogue and concerted efforts to address the root causes of insecurity along the borderlands.

The proposed TOR will be subjected to a broader consultation process involving leaders from both countries, culminating in the formulation of actionable recommendations to be implemented jointly by the respective governments.

The committee will later conduct peace meeting in affected areas in Karamoja South.