West Pokot County Embarks on Investment Policy Development

The County Government has initiated the development of a West Pokot County Investment Policy, a crucial document aimed at outlining and documenting opportunities to establish a legal and institutional framework for attracting investments in the county.

The policy drafting session, held from March 12th to March 15th, 2024, saw the participation of County Executive Committee member for Trade, Ms. Claire Parklea, Deputy Chief of Party, Ms. Venny Mayaka, and the M&E Officer of USAID KUZA, Ms. Elizabeth Ajode, alongside COs Daniel Lopale , Musa Losiangole, and Raphael Kalomaria, Directors Jacob Kapelile, William Ntoina, and Nicholas Siwatom.

The drafting team consisted of County Technical Staff, representatives from the Cooperative movement in West Pokot, the Chamber of Commerce, WEPESA, Lelan Co-operatives, and civil societies.

Together, they successfully formulated a preliminary draft of the policy during the session where the training was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Paul Gamba and Dr. Oscar Ingasia, with sponsorship from USAID KUZA.