West Pokot County Assembly Members Embrace Gender Sensitization in Budgeting Process

For the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and sustainable development, women empowerment is a prerequisite. According to the Society for International Development, (2012), budgets are considered to be influential tools in the achievement of development objectives, whether at the national or county level.

As such, West Pokot County Assembly members led by the County Assembly Speaker Hon. Fredrick Kaptui underwent a three-day training and sensitization on gender responsive budgeting aimed at accelerating gender equality and equity

The training supported by Village Enterprise and facilitated by National Gender Equality Commission, intended to provide an orientation on gender concepts, the legal framework for gender equality and mainstreaming in West Pokot County.

Members formulated strategies and plans to facilitate an effective and multi-agency implementation process towards achieving gender responsive outcomes.

Speaker Hon. Kaptui noted that Gender Responsive Budgeting is critical towards attaining gender equity in the county.

“Gender mainstreaming and gender equality will go a long way in making our economies, societies and communities sustainable and progressive,” said the speaker.

Gender responsive budgeting is the guideline that governments must adhere in distribution of resources in order to achieve gender equality and equity.

The speaker was joined by Majority and Minority leaders Martin Komongiro and Peter Lokor respectively, CEC Lucky Litole (Tourism, Gender, Culture, Sports, Youth & Social Services) among others.