Women Groups from Kasei Ward Commend Governor Kachapin for Development Initiatives

Governor Simon Kachapin flanked by deputy governor Robert Komolle received seven women groups including Kongot, Mbuzi Cheptumot, Kangoletiang, Kasaka, Chepkondol, and Korokou at Governor’s residence to discuss development.

Led by chairpersons Diana Chesang, Gladys Lomeyon, and Rebecca, the 105 members engaged in discussions revolving around women empowerment and the developmental landscape of Kasei ward.

The women groups commended Governor Kachapin for his proactive approach in spearheading various projects, including the establishment of eight health facilities, the opening of new roads and the steadfast support extended to Silk groups within their ward.

“This is the first time we have been able to sit candidly with our governor and discuss our development needs. We are grateful have such leadership that is close to the people,” said Ms. Chesang.

Governor Kachapin reassured the women groups of his commitment to working in tandem to realize further developmental milestones.

Kasei ward MCA Francis Loboo and Amudat District MP Micah Lobang’ang were also present during the deliberations.