West Pokot County observes National Tree Planting Day

Governor Simon Kachapin together with leaders and residents from West Pokot county honored the national tree growing day by planting trees at Aramaket ECDE Centre to signify a crucial step towards realizing the president's vision of planting 15 billion trees by 2023 which depicts the county government's commitment to combating climate change, preserving biodiversity, and securing a healthier, greener future for generations to come.
Through the department of Water, Environment Natural Resources and Climate Change, action plans and adaptive measures have been outlined to boost forest cover and combat climate change. As such, the county government has raised tree cover to 20%, and collectively, aim to bridge the 9% deficit to reach the 30% tree cover goal by the year 2027.
In the last fiscal year, the county government distributed 186,000 tree seedlings to institutions and farmers, ensuring efforts reach every corner of the county with 100,000 tree seedlings in landslide-affected areas like Batei, Tapach, and Lelan, in collaboration with KVD distributed in the current fiscal year.
Additionally, we are implementing stringent measures to curb illegal logging and unsustainable resource extraction where the governor directed those residing in Kamatira, Penon, Mtelo, Chepnyal, Kauk, Kalapata, and Lorusuk forests: to vacate those areas with immediate effect.
The occasion was graced by the Principal Secretary State Department for Public Health & Professional Standards Mary Muthoni and UDA Secretary General and former Kakamega Senator, Cleophas Malala.