West Pokot County Launches Disaster Risk Management Training with USAID and World Vision Support

County Executive Committee member Martin Lotee, in charge of Public Service Management (PSM), ICT, Administration, and Devolved Units, inaugurated a three-day Disaster Risk Management (DRM) training session today. Supported by USAID and the World Vision-IMARA Program, the training is being held in Eldoret and brings together a multi-sectoral team from the county to enhance disaster preparedness and response capabilities.

The training focuses on implementing the DRM Act and developing early warning and early action systems. It aims to foster synergy and coordination between the county government and its partners to effectively mitigate risks and manage disasters.

"DRM is a shared responsibility, and I’m pleased to see everyone here," Lotee stated. Reflecting on past challenges, he noted, “In 2019, we saw a failure in coordination, which led to the creation of the DRM policy to improve coordination and financial frameworks.”

Currently, the county, through the PSM department, is working on operationalizing the DRM Act. Lotee added, “Through collaboration with our partners, we will tackle climate change and other challenges facing our county, ensuring the act is institutionalized.”

Moses Domongura, Director of DRM and Special Programs, highlighted the training's importance in strengthening the county’s disaster response mechanisms. John Githiaka from USAID emphasized the organization’s ongoing support in developing policies and strengthening governance. “We supported the development of the DRM policy and are now aiding its implementation. Our partnership aims to make this policy framework impactful and informative for Kenya and beyond,” Githiaka said.

The training underscores West Pokot County’s commitment to improving disaster risk management through collaborative efforts and comprehensive policy implementation. Chief Officers Musa Losiangole (PSM & ICT) and Raphael Kalomaria (Office of the Governor), along with DCCs and representatives from various partner organizations, were in attendance.