West Pokot County Hosts Agricultural Show and Trade Fair: Fostering Sustainable Development and Innovation

Deputy Governor Robert Komolle has officially opened the much-anticipated three-day West Pokot County Agricultural Show and Trade Fair at the Kishaunet Showground, marking the commencement of an event focused on "Promoting Climate-Smart Agriculture and Trade Initiatives for Sustainable Economic Growth."
The event serves as a platform to showcase cutting-edge technologies tailored for sustainable agriculture and overall development. With the looming challenges posed by changing weather patterns, Deputy Governor Komolle emphasized the timeliness of this agricultural show and trade fair in addressing the evolving needs of farmers.

"Farmers should leverage this exhibition as an educational opportunity to endorse and adopt the best practices in agriculture and trade," stated the deputy governor.
Martin Komongiro, Majority Leader, praised the government's dedication to advancing the county, affirming the strides made in propelling West Pokot towards becoming a leading force in development within Kenya.
Wilfred Long’ironyang, CEC Agriculture and Livestock, encouraged farmers to embrace new technologies as a means to enhance their livelihoods and augment the county's economy. The revival of this show and trade fair stands as a pivotal platform for showcasing optimal farming techniques and trade practices.
Akasile, Suam Ward MCA and Chair of Agriculture at the County Assembly, commended the government's multifaceted progress across various departments, emphasizing the substantial strides made in agriculture. He emphasized the county's potential exhibited through this show.
He emphasized the significance of the show's revival, underscoring the wealth of knowledge to be gained during this three-day event.
The West Pokot County Agricultural Show and Trade Fair presents a significant opportunity for the community to learn and adapt to innovative agricultural practices, highlighting a pivotal step towards sustainable economic growth.