West Pokot and World Vision Joint County Executive Committee Members' Peace Policy and Bill Sensitization Meeting

The County Government of West Pokot Department of PSM, Devolved Units and ICT together with World Vision’s IMARA program has organized a peace sensitization meeting for County CEC Members geared towards developing a peace policy and Bill. The meeting that is ongoing at Aturkan hotel has brought on board different stake holders to deliberate and give insights on the Peace policy and bill. These legal documents will create a foundation to a sustainable framework while dealing with peace and conflict resolution in West Pokot County.

Speaking during the event the County Executive Committee Member for Public Service Management, Devolved Units, Administration and ICT, Martin Lottee appreciated the need for the two documents citing the volatility of the peace situation along the borders of West Pokot County. He emphasized the need for collaboration with other stakeholders and County Executive Committee Members in developing the documents since it will exhibit a multi-sectoral approach and solutions.

Unanimously, the members agreed that a legal frame work is important while engaging stake holders and partners in the County. Stake holders in the meeting argued that in the past partners have been engaging in peace endeavors in the County without knowledge and collaboration from the county government thus ending up not achieving their intended results and sometimes fueling the conflicts even further.

In attendance Were County Executive Committee Members, Joshua Rutto (Roads), Esther Chelimo (Lands), Chief Officers Daniel Lopale (PSM), Lilian Korinyang(special programs), Director for Peace, Jackson Alukusia among other officials from the County Government of West Pokot legal office.

The CEC Member for Health Claire Parklea emphasized the need for partners to come together and align their area of priority with the plans of the County Government of West Pokot so as to avoid replication, wastage and conflict.

While elaborating the importance of the peace Bill, Mr. Philip Magal, the County Solicitor articulated that, the bill forms a legal frame work for engagement in matters of peace. He also added that the bill will give life to structures such as the peace committees and provide a term of engagement with partners.