UNICEF Commits to Continued Partnership with West Pokot County

UNICEF Representative to Kenya, Shaheen Nilofer has commended West Pokot County under the leadership of Governor Simon Kachapin for strides made in various developmental sectors, particularly health and child welfare.
The country representative commended the county's governance and budget performance, acknowledging Governor Kachapin as the best-performing governor. She noted the need for the county and UNICEF to embrace Integrated programming approach to address existing challenges.
“With resources dwindling, we need integrated budgeting and programs. That’s why we bring in technical expertise. Leadership at the end matters and I applaud Governor Kachapin for what he has done in this county,” said Ms. Nilofer.
She highlighted the importance of partnership between governments and partners in promoting health outcomes and attaining sustainable development.
Speaking during UNICEF’s visit to its funded projects in West Pokot, Governor Kachapin highlighted the substantial support provided by UNICEF, amounting to over USD 1,365,508 in 2022 alone.
He expressed gratitude for UNICEF's enduring partnership, emphasizing the instrumental role played in bolstering health infrastructure and enacting the West Pokot County Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) Act of 2019. This initiative led to the recruitment of 2,600 CHVs and the construction of 154 health facilities across different wards, significantly enhancing community-level health services.
Notably, the county has seen tangible improvements in nutrition outcomes, integrating nutrition programs into child protection initiatives. Additionally, emphasis has been placed on gender-inclusive budgeting and programs, signifying a comprehensive approach towards community development.
Deputy Governor Robert Komolle stressed the indispensability of partners like UNICEF, expressing appreciation for their support. He highlighted the financial challenges faced and emphasized the continuous need for collaboration to fulfill promises and uplift communities.
The visit encompassed inspections of the county hospital and various facilities, recognizing the impact of UNICEF's interventions, even in the most remote areas.
Earlier on, the UNICEF team discussed partnership agreement with the County Assembly of West Pokot in the areas of Health, Child Protection among others. The team is expected to communities and support groups in Kacheliba and larger Pokot North.