Tree Planting Campaign Launched at Naramam

County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries Wilfred Longronyang alongside other officials from the county department of Agriculture and the West Pokot County Agriculture Sector Development Support Program (ASDSPII) participated in the launch of high-value tree seedlings, including Apple Mango, Kent and Tommy Atkins.
A total of 1360 tree seedlings were distributed aligning with the President's tree planting campaign for October, November, and December.
The visit to Naramam aimed to distribute tree seedlings, particularly grafted mangoes where the trees that will be planted in schools to create a conducive environment for children, contributes to regional rainfall, soil erosion reduction and generally counter climate change issues.
Long'ronyang urged Naramam farmers farmers to plant grass to support their animals, emphasising the importance of widespread tree planting to lower costs of living and food expenses.
Additionally, the community was encouraged to continue with the tree planting initiative which reflects a holistic approach to environmental sustainability and agricultural prosperity.