Transformative Projects Commissioned in Siyoi Ward by Governor Kachapin

H.E. Governor Simon Kachapin presided over the inauguration of several transformative projects in Siyoi Ward. These included the newly constructed Kamariny ECD, Kamariny-Kaptoposwo road, Katilal-Kamariny Road, a new box culvert at Katilal-Kamariny, and the Katilal-Kerengot Bridge, which will enhance local connectivity and infrastructure.

Additionally, a new ECDE and three classrooms at Kaprech Secondary School were officially opened boosting educational facilities in the county.

Accompanying Governor Kachapin were area MCA Esther Serem, County Secretary Johnathan Siwanyang, CEC members Rebecca Kide (education), Claire Parklea (trade) and Wilfred Longronyang (agriculture and livestock), Chief Officer Julius Lokituman, and Chief of Staff Tyno Rotino.