Ring Vaccination Initiated to Curb FMD

The County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries Wilfred Longronyang today led a technical team from the county veterinary unit in a ring vaccination against foot and mouth strain Serotype O.
With the detection of the disease that led to the closure of the markets in the county, the County Government of West Pokot through the department of agriculture livestock and fisheries is responding to the situation as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Speaking during the vaccination, Hon. Longronyang called on all the residents to cooperate with the team as they do door to door recognising their efforts in curbing the disease.
He further urged them to use the opportunity to safeguard their livestock as they are the source of income for most of the residents apart from agriculture.
The ring vaccination covers areas including Kabichbich, Ewan Chepinat, Kaalotwari, Chorok, Kaplelach koror, Tartar, Lityei Keringet, Pser. Kishaunet sale yard and Sebit.