New Initiatives Launched to Combat Insecurity and Boost Employment in Tapach Ward

Governor Simon Kachapin together with Deputy Governor Robert Komolle toured Tapach Ward, where rising incidents of insecurity have resulted in the loss of lives, destruction of property, and loss of livestock. Most schools have been severely impacted, with some experiencing a high turnover, while others have been forced to close.

Alongside the County security team, led by County Commissioner, Abdullahi Khalif, the team assessed the security situation in Kapushen and listened to the community's proposals, among them the deployment of security personnel to Katongui camp.

During the visit, the governor emphasized the importance of peace and stability, advocating for the establishment of boarding schools and camps for the Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ATSU) and National Police Reservists (NPR) to enhance security and support the community. Later the Governor commissioned Project Trinite at Ptop, a digital ICT hub supported by Executive Director Dave Connor, and designed to empower our youth and create remote employment opportunities.

By providing essential digital skills and resources, the project aims to equip young people with the tools they need to thrive in the modern workforce.