New Dispensaries and Maternity Ward Enhance Healthcare Access in Kipkomo

Governor Simon Kachapin along with Deputy Governor Robert Komolle, commissioned a pediatric ward at Chepareria Sub-County Hospital and several other health facilities in Kipkomo Sub-County. The new facilities, including Senetwo Dispensary, Propoi Dispensary, and Ywalateke Maternity Ward, aim to decongest existing hospitals and support the county’s goal of achieving universal health coverage.

Deputy Governor Robert Komolle highlighted that these additions will enhance healthcare access by bringing services closer to the community.

The four heath facilities will provide general health services, obstetric/gynecological services, pediatric services and critical care to Kipkomo residents.

Present were Speaker of West Pokot County Fredrick Kaptui, Area MCA Hon. Lokomol, CEC Paul Woyakapel (Health & Sanitation), Martin Lottee (PSM), Rebecca Kide (Education & Technical Training), Chief Officer Nelly Soprin (Health & Sanitation), Reuben Lotumale (Public Works), Leonard Kamsait (Water & Environment) among others.