Makutano Stadium and other Key Projects on Track, Says Governor Kachapin

Governor Simon Kachapin inspected ongoing projects at Kopoch County Hotel, Kitalakapel Water Project, and Makutano Stadium. He was accompanied by CECs William Petot (Water) and Lucky Litole (Tourism), along with Chief Officers Leonard Kamsait, Paul Latat and Edwin Lokomol, Chief of Staff Tyno Rotino, and several county government staff. The team conducted a thorough review to ensure that the projects meet community needs and standards.

At Kopoch County Hotel, the governor noted that construction was progressing well, promising a significant boost to local tourism and hospitality. The Kitalakapel Water Project is also advancing effectively, aiming to provide sustainable water solutions for county residents and address long-standing water scarcity issues.

Additionally, developments at Makutano Stadium are transforming it into a modern sports facility that will foster local talent and host major events, enhancing the community's recreational infrastructure.