Stillbirths and high child mortality rates in West Pokot have been blamed on home deliveries and delay by expectant mothers to access health facilities.

Saving Mothers Founder and President Dr. Tara Shirazian said the organization will partner with the County Government of West Pokot to ensure reduced child death incidents through enhancing access to medical services by expectant mothers.

Dr. Shirazian was speaking during a thanksgiving fete hosted by West Pokot Governor H.E Simon Kachapin as a sign of appreciation to the Saving Mothers doctors at the Governor’s residence Wednesday evening.

The Saving Mothers doctors led by Ob/Gyn doctors Dr. Tara Shirazian and Dr. Charles Ascher-Walsh are conducting a five-day Free Gynecology Surgery Medical Camp (3rd-7th, October 2022) at Kapenguria Referral Hospital, offering ultrasound scans, surgeries to remove fibroids, fistula reconstructive surgeries, and prolapse repairs. So far, 21 women have undergone various surgeries and by Friday, close to 40 are expected to receive reproductive health care.

Governor Kachapin expressed his gratitude to the team of doctors for the great impact their services have had on many women across the county. He assured them of his unwavering commitment to transforming the health sector, and specifically contribute to the reduction of maternal mortality.

He pointed out that he will see to it that there is a prudent use of resources in the health department and capacity build personnel to enhance provision of healthcare services.

His deputy Robert Komolle noted that collaboration with partners is crucial, especially in the health sector.

Deputy Med- Sup Dr. Ruto Nang’ole, Augustine Loria and Antoinette Kupar- Local Coordinators, Saving Mothers, personnel from Health Department and other county officials.