Kapenguria- In his State of the County Address, Governor Simon Kachapin outlined his administration’s commitment to advancing stalled projects, ensuring financial equality, and tackling critical issues like climate change. The address, delivered to a full County Assembly chamber, underlined the county's commitment to progress despite challenges.

Key points of the address were the resumption and completion of long-stalled projects, signaling a renewed effort in infrastructure development. The governor pledged to expedite these projects, emphasizing their significance in promoting county's socio-economic landscape.

To address the issue of ECDE teachers, Governor Kachapin announced an allocation of Kes. 60 million towards confirmation of the teachers who have gone for a long period without remuneration.

He also announced a 6 month allocation of funds towards stipends for Community Health Promoters (CHPs), matching the national government's contribution. This will ensure that the CHPs offer their services seamlessly at the grassroots.

He also announced Kes. 25 million allocations towards ECDE feeding program, a proactive measure to improve nutrition and increase enrollment and retention rates in early childhood education.

However, Governor Kachapin cautioned against premature politicking, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing development over partisan interests.

The address concluded with a powerful message on climate change, stressing the need to take decisive action to mitigate its effects “We are not elected to be popular. We must make the hard decisions for us to achieve what we intend for our people," reiterated the governor on the need to protect environment and put in place tough measures to end destruction to the ecosystem.

The Address served as a rallying call for unity, progress, and resilience in the face of challenges, setting a clear trajectory for the future.