Governor Inspect Chepera-Muino Road Construction Progress

Development creates a self suffient, equitable and sustainable community.

Governor Simon Kachapin inspected ongoing construction works of Chepera-Muino road that is currently being tarmacked.

This road will ease transportation of goods and services across the areas opening it up for economic growth boosting sectors like education and health.

Governor Kachapin thereafter held a public barasa in Paroo where he urged members of the public to support the contractor especially in the road expansion where the national government has embarked on opening up areas for sustainable development through roads construction.

"We really appreciate the national government for constructing this road. This road will play a key role in the development of this county, the people of Tamkal and the county at large," stated the governor.

In addition, the governor visited Mnokowo primary school and reiterated his commitment to transform the health and education sectors as per his manifesto.