Government Seeks Public Input on Budget Allocation; Opportunities for Community Engagement

Through public participation, we foster a sense of ownership and accountability. It's about creating a dialogue between citizens and policymakers.

Cognisant of this, the County Government of West Pokot through the Department of Finance and Economic Planning initiated a two days public participation on Budget Proposals for Financial year 2024/2025-2026/2027 Medium Term Expenditure Framework.

Guided by the Annual Development Plan for Financial Year 2024/2025, projects and programs to be implemented across the county will be drawn from the priority areas of each location in every ward.

The public participation runs across all the 20 wards where representatives from different wards including the Members of County Assembly air their views and concerns, emphasizing the need for initiatives such as infrastructure.

County executive committee members and Chief officers from across the 10 county departments engaged residents on the development track which Governor Simon Kachapin’s Simon administration has embarked on in the discussed financial years and pledged to collaborate with the community to ensure their priority needs are tabled for considerations as the county executive liaise with the county legislature.