Fourth MTP Launch Sets Vision For West Pokot’s Future Growth

H.E. Governor Simon Kachapin , accompanied by  H.E. Achaule Robert Komolle, Deputy Governor Robert Komolle and Principal Secretary for the State Department of Public Works Joel Arumonyang, West Pokot County Assembly Speaker Hon. Fredrick Kaptui Siywat  among other county and national leaders attended the presentation of the Fourth Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2023-2027 in Kapenguria.

The Fourth MTP sets out the strategic framework for economic development and social transformation in West Pokot over the next four years. The plan prioritizes infrastructure enhancement, healthcare improvement, educational advancement, social development, governance, public service, and the promotion of sustainable environmental and agricultural practices.

Governor Kachapin highlighted the plan's alignment with both the county's specific needs and the national government's Vision 2030, emphasizing West Pokot's potential to spur growth and reduce poverty.

Deputy Governor Komolle praised the collaborative efforts of local and national leaders in shaping the plan, stressing the importance of unity and a shared vision for the county's progress.

PS Arumonyang reiterated the government's commitment to providing the necessary resources and support for the successful implementation of the plan.

The presentation of the Fourth MTP ensures that all stakeholders are informed and engaged in the county's development process.