Deputy Governor, Hon Robert Komole meets with The National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee

Deputy Governor Robert Komole, held a meeting with the National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee (NACCSC), on ways to eradicate corruption at the county and national government and the re-introduction of the Civilian Oversight Committee Members and Partnership.

The committee is under the office of the Attorney General and the Department of Justice, has a primary mandate of undertaking nationwide public education, sensitization and awareness campaigns aimed at effecting fundamental change in attitudes and behaviors of Kenyans towards corruption.

The Deputy Governor highlighted on deep rooted corruption across many sectors in the nation and how it has affected service delivery.

“The money, which in most cases is acquired through a corrupt means is given to the public and the citizens encourage it by accepting it. Leaders also have a way of manipulating the public, mostly the common people by offering them money so that they can vote for them or their policies,” said the deputy.

Together with the committee, the deputy governor agreed on ways of curbing and eradicating corruption, not only at the county level but also at the national level.

They agreed to sensitive the public on issues related to corruption by creating awareness about the dangers of corruption, how it occurs, how it can negatively affect the county and the country at large, and the ways of preventing and eradicating it.