Governor Simon Kachapin made an important visit today as he paid a courtesy call to the Swedish Ambassador to Kenya, Her Excellency Caroline Vicini. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the various programs that have been supported by the Danish Embassy in West Pokot, which have significantly contributed to the development of the county.

During the meeting, Governor Kachapin expressed his gratitude to the Swedish government for its continuous support and commitment to the projects in West Pokot.

He commended the Embassy for playing a vital role in the implementation of programs such as IMARA and FLOCA, among others. These initiatives have had a positive impact on the local communities by improving access to essential services and promoting sustainable development.

The Governor was accompanied by the county Chief of Staff, Tyno Rotino, who has been instrumental in coordinating the county's initiatives, as well as the County Executive Committee Member for Education, Martin Lotee, and the Chief Officer for special programs, Lilian Korinyang and Rev. Jackson Alukusia whose presence at the meeting demonstrated the county's commitment to collaboration and the importance placed on the projects supported by the Danish Embassy.

The collaboration between the Swedish Embassy and the County Government of West Pokot has fostered a strong partnership, enabling the successful implementation of these projects.

As the meeting concluded, Governor Kachapin expressed his sincere appreciation to the Swedish Ambassador and her team for their continuous support and dedication. He emphasized the significance of such collaborations in achieving sustainable development goals and improving the lives of the people in West Pokot.

The visit further strengthened the bond between the Swedish Embassy and the County Government of West Pokot, paving the way for continued cooperation and future development endeavors.