County Unveils Environmental Enforcers to Aid in Tackling Climate Change Issues

The County Executive Committee member for Water, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change Hon. William Lopewot, accompanied by Chief Officer Leonard Kamsait unveiled the County Environmental Enforcers at the department’s offices.

The County Environmental Enforcers are tasked with implementing environment law on charcoal business and transportation, transportation of timber and noise pollution control.

After the unveiling, the 8 inspection teams assessed corridors originating from the forests of Kamatira, Chepareria, Kishaunet, and the lower part of Kishaunet to establish the sources of charcoal in the county.

Starting Monday 22nd January, 2024, the inspection team will be enforcing stricter regulations including mandating motorcycles to carry no more than one unit and vehicles no more than three units, timber to be strictly transported with an official permit and outdoor advert to be issues a permit to prevent noise pollution across the county.

This initiative generally aims to streamline and regulate the environmental impact of charcoal, timber harvesting and noise pollution in West Pokot County all with the aim of combating climate change.