County Department of Culture, Tourism Hosts Wildlife Conservation Policy Validation Meeting

The Department of Culture, Tourism, Sports, Youth Affairs, and Social Service, supported by The Northern Rangelands Trust, hosted a stakeholders' validation meeting of the West Pokot County Wildlife Conservation Policy at Kalya Hotel.

Attendees included stakeholders from various relevant departments and local communities in West Pokot where the discussions focused on the policy's progress, emphasizing its importance of preserving biodiversity, supporting ecosystem services, economic benefits, cultural significance, climate change mitigation, human health, and providing a legal framework for wildlife management.

Lucky Litole, County Executive Committee Member for Culture, Tourism, Sports, Youth Affairs, and Social Services appreciated the support NRT has given the department through the development of the draft policy acknowledging the stakeholders in attendance for their collaboration, views and opinions in coming up with a document that suits the needs of West Pokot County in terms of wildlife conservation.

Participants included Chief Officers Paul Lalat (Culture and Tourism) and Edwin Lokomol (Sports and Youth Affairs), Rebecca Kochulem (NRT), Wiliam Pentangole(tourism) Rev. Jackson Alukusia (Peace), Simon Chumakemer (Disaster Management), Cliff Barkach (NEMA), among others.