County Celebrates Diversity in Football Tournament and Cultural Showcase

Today, the vibrant fusion of sports and culture took center stage as CEC Lucky Litole led a Football Tournament and Cultural Showcase at Tangasia Primary School in Tapach Ward, West Pokot. Bringing together various teams and groups, the event culminated in a display of talent and heritage.
Kale FC from Sondany Location emerged as the victors, showcasing their prowess on the field. Chebon FC from Chebon Location and Kamelei FC from Tapach Location secured the first and second runners-up positions respectively, exemplifying the spirit of competition and camaraderie.
The cultural extravaganza featured performances from seven diverse cultural groups, including traditional dancers and the Tapach Ushanga group, enriching the event with their vibrant ‘kidong'a’ songs. These cultural displays not only celebrate the rich tapestry of West Pokot's heritage, but also served as a platform to address social issues such as early pregnancies and drug abuse.
Accompanied by key officials including area MCA Samwel Korinyang, Sports CO Edwin Lokomol, Culture and Tourism CO Paul Lalat, and Principal Tourism Officer Mr. William Petang'ole, the event underscored the collaborative efforts to promote tourism, culture, gender equality, social services, sports, and youth affairs within the community.