West Pokot County and Village Enterprise Ink MOU to Combat Poverty

Governor Simon Kachapin and Village Enterprise have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) under Ultra Poor Graduation programme, aiming to empower county governments to independently manage and oversee ultra poor graduation programs to uplift households out of poverty.

Governor Kachapin expressed his gratitude for the continued support from Village Enterprise and acknowledged the essential role of development partners.

“We acknowledge the presence and impact made by development partners in our county. Counties have limited resources, and our partners have really come in to supplement our efforts. With continued partnership, we can make lasting change for our communities,” noted the governor.

Leah Okero, Country Director of Village Enterprise, echoed these sentiments, pledging to continue the meaningful partnership.

“This county remains an interest for our organization. We want to continue the work that we are doing, and we will implement various initiatives,” she said.

Ms. Okero highlighted the successful implementation of the Poverty Graduation Policy since 2020 and emphasized the importance of monitoring through the Management Information System (MIS).

“Through the MIS, we will be able to monitor our programs and those of the county. Let’s collectively implement the policy.”

Deputy Governor Robert Komolle also voiced his support for the MOU, noting that it will pave the way for sustained partnerships.

This agreement marks a milestone in the county efforts to provide a more conducive environment for tackling poverty and portrays the commitment of both parties to implement and monitor initiatives that benefit the community.