Agriculture Show and Trade Fair to Promote New Technologies and Improve Food Security

In a bid to enhance food security, Governor Simon Kachapin announced that his government has put strategic measures in place to ensure the county is food secure.
Speaking at the Agriculture Show and Trade Fair, he applauded the dedicated efforts of various departments to make the show a success despite limited resources.
“Deliberate moves are crucial, and even with constraints, we can achieve a lot," the governor emphasized.
Highlighting the importance of environmental conservation, Governor Kachapin emphasized the need for county residents to fully participate in the upcoming national tree planting day on Monday.
“I urge everyone to join the tree planting event at Aramaket, as it is a vital step in combating climate change,” said the governor.
Deputy Governor Robert Komolle expressed gratitude for efforts to revive the Agriculture Show, emphasizing the shared learning from the exhibition.
He also expressed the need for the leaders of West Pokot to unite in addressing pressing issues such as border security.
The Agricultural Show and Trade Fair has been revived in a bid to promote and leverage new technologies in agriculture and trade.
The event brought together Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto, Speaker of the County Assembly Fred Kaptui, MCAs and other officials from the county and National Government.