AGAPE Foundation Commits to Infrastructure Projects in Conflict-Affected Akulo

Rev. Jackson Alukusia, the county director of peace, led a delegation from the AGAPE Foundation of Hope to Akulo in Masol Ward, West Pokot County, along the Kerio River. This area, known for its struggles with banditry, encompasses the communities of Amorel, Amuto, Nyangaita, and Lotongot.

Rev. Alukusia was accompanied by AGAPE Foundation for Hope representatives, including Director Peter Mugodo and Dorcus Chepkopus, Principal of Jesus Harvesters Agape Bible College and Program Officer at the foundation.

This visit marked an important step towards peace and development in the region. The AGAPE Foundation for Hope is dedicated to building a church and drilling a well to supply the local community with much-needed water. These initiatives are part of a larger plan to develop essential infrastructure, such as a hospital and a school, to support the residents of these often-overlooked areas.

The community expressed deep gratitude for these efforts, which aim to bring stability and growth to a region long plagued by conflict and deprivation.