'Pata Tractor, Bodaa na WEPESA'

Economy, Education and Equity are the three pillars of my
manifesto popularly known as the 3Es. West Pokot Economic
Sacco (WEPESA) has continued to play a pivotal role in
delivering the Economy component since its inception in 2018.
Members of WEPESA received a tractor alongside 40 motorbikes
acquired through 'Pata Tractor, Bodaa na WEPESA' product,
which is cost-friendly product unlike other providers whose prices
are highly exploitative.
“I applaud my people for embracing the culture of saving which
has in turn, enabled them access loans to expand their
businesses among other ventures. My administration will press on
in supporting this Sacco which is transforming livelihoods at the
household level.” Said the Governor.