Creating employment through conservation

The County Government of West Pokot through the department of environment, natural resources and
climate change is working to promote conservation of forests through the purchase of tree seedlings
from youth-found tree nursery groups within the county. The tree seedlings bought will be distributed
to public institutions, willing farmers, county forests, hilltops, riparian lands and other degraded areas.
This engagement is intent on creating employment for green champions and acts as an income-
generating for the youth and other treepreneurs
The exercise aims at increasing forest cover to 10 percent by 2030, creating resilience and mitigating
against the effects of climate change.
During a consultation meeting with The Nyarkulian Tree Nursery Youth Group, the CECM for Water,
Environment and Natural Resources, Mr Francis Kitelauyan encouraged the youth to participate actively
in such projects for the betterment of the county and added that the county government is willing to
support such environmentally conscious activities
from community groups especially by women, youth, and people living with disabilities through
budgetary allocation.