County Launches Universal Health Care Programme at Chepareria Sub- County Hospital

In line with President Uhuru Kenyatta’ s “Big Four’ Agenda towards achieving universal healthcare coverage in Kenya, the county government represented by CEC Christine Apakoreng in charge of The Department of Health & Sanitation launched Universal Health Coverage (UHC) programme at Chepareria Subcounty hospital. The initiative aims to provide access to free health services across public health facilities in the country.

Ahead of the launch, biometric registration of 2,000 families had been concluded and will henceforth access medical services at registered facilities. The move will lessen the economic burden for residents seeking healthcare for their families by ensuring qualities healthcare is accessible to all.

CEC Apakoreng said that the UHC initiative has heralded the transformation of the health sector in the county, making a great impact towards the improvement of the county’s health indicators.

“UHC initiative directly addresses healthcare concerns that before, were not affordable to all county residents. This is a major step towards affordable healthcare for the residents and the county is keen to see its full implementation,” said Ms. Apakoreng.

On the 12th December 2018, President Uhuru Kenyatta declared Universal Health Coverage (UHC) to be a national priority in Kenya, as part of his ‘Big Four Agenda’ for national sustainable development. Under this initiative, the Government of Kenya has committed to making strategic investments in health to ensure that all residents of Kenya can access the essential health services they require by 2022.

The development of UHC has provided opportunities to build on national advocacy work to pursue the alignment of cancer priorities and existing services with the development of the national UHC package. Universal healthcare coverage (UHC) lies within the category of good health and well-being which is the third sustainable development goal (SDG3) that emphasizes on improving access to quality health services for all persons worldwide, protecting them from financial catastrophes and impoverishing health care costs. In recent years, UHC has become a worldwide high-priority policy agenda.