Livestock keeping is the backbone of West Pokot County.It's in this regard, that the Governor, Prof John Lonyangapuo has embarked on countywide exercise. The exercise, which begun a month ago, has covered the Suam, Riwo, Kodich, Konyao wards. Yesterday, the Governor launched vaccination exercise for Sook and Endugh wards against Foot and Mouth Disease. The areas visited were Kapkata, Wurar and Ptoyo areas of Endugh Ward. Governor Lonyangapuo also addressed locals at Ptoyo Trading Centre.
These vaccinations seek to ensure that the region becomes a disease-free zone to enhance marketability of livestock. West Pokot is the largest supplier of meat to Western Kenya and Nairobi.
Present were area Senator Samuel Poghisio, CECs Lipale Geoffrey and Luka Chepelion and the area MCA Lomaduny Evanson.

Governor Prof Lonyangapuo earlier last month commissioned the vaccination exercise in a bid to ensure West Pokot county is a disease free zone.