West Pokot County Parents are a happy lot this year following the early launch of the 2016/2017 bursary by His Excellency Governor Simon Kachapin early January.
This came as a surprise contrary to the expectations of many who were expecting a delay which was the case in the last two years since the establishment of the funds.
By this time more than half of the cheques have already been sent to schools guaranteeing students ample time to concentrate in class.

“I understand the problems that schools face in fee collection, I also understand the hustle that students go through in first term, that is why I decided to speed the disbursement process,” Governor Kachapin said during the launch of the one hundred and sixty million shillings fund.

In addition, the kitty has been increased to 160, 000, 000 up from 50,000,000 which was the amount during its inception. The amount is equally shared among wards with each getting 8,000,000.


H.E the Governor greets one of bursary beneficiary