Governor Kachapin addressing the County Assembly during the occassion.







On this day, we gather here to celebrate a successful journey, a journey of prosperity, a journey of growth, a journey of development and a journey of transformation.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The past four years have not been easy. Everyday counted right from the first day when we were sworn in.

It was transition period, from the local authorities to the devolved system of governance. I took the oath of office with a lot of hope and was very much optimistic about the development strides that we were going to take.

We had no marking scheme, but the road map was clear. We had no predecessor, but our determination to succeed guided us. I established the base, set up the tempo, and within a short while, everything was rolling. Being the pioneer Governor, I believe I have set up a strong foundation, a foundation upon which each and every one of us have stood, and enjoyed giving service to the community and the nation.

For the four years we have worked tirelessly without rest or leave, we have been so much engaged in service delivery, and our involvement in everything has purely been for the good of the citizens of West Pokot County.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I will today highlight on the major achievements of my administration in line with what I promised in my manifesto. I confidently affirm that we promised and we have delivered even beyond the promises made.


Before devolution, there existed no financial prudence in the manner in which public funds were spent by the then Local Authorities. This did not only create an avenue for looting public funds, but also created anarchy and stagnated development programs for the districts then. I promised to change this trend in order to create a new way of working and managing public finances. That is when I set up a vibrant finance team to lead the various departments.

My government’s objective in 2013 was to increase collection of revenue, proper planning of the county, promote public participation and to consider empowering marginalized groups such as women, youth and persons living with disability.

Today, new markets have been established with the aim of increasing revenue collection in the County. In addition, my administration has automated the revenue collection systems to seal all loopholes through which revenue collected in the past was lost. This has therefore helped our county to record its target in terms of revenue collection. In fact, West Pokot County is one of the best performing counties in the country.

To realize this target, Hon. Members, all revenue generating items needed to be mapped out. Makutano town is the greatest revenue generating town in our county. My government has progressively face lifted Makutano town from its initial state to what it is today, a model township. This began with the construction and pavement of the first phase of car park and now the second phase is almost complete.

This face-lifting includes pavement of car parks, drainage systems, building of public toilets, garbage collection bins, street lighting and opening up of access roads, streets and lanes within Makutano town.

This has not only increased the revenue collected in Makutano, but also created a secure business environment, enabling business people to work even through the night. This includes supermarkets that used to close down their business as early as 5 pm. The sprouting business enterprise within the town is a good indicator that my government has created an enabling climate for both small and large scale businesses.

In addition, we have witnessed an increase in the number of commercial banks that have opened up their businesses in town such as Trans-National bank, msingi Bora Capital micro finance and Co-operative bank that has secured a site to set up a bank. The booming transport industry has been boosted by the entry into the sector by operators such as Kitale Shuttle, Northrift shuttle, modern coast bus services and Mvumilivu Bus services who are now offering cheaper, but direct services from Makutano to other places as far as Nairobi and Mombasa.

By the end of 2015, the finance department observed that few women, youth and persons with disability applied for contracts. I must reiterate that, encouraged by my government’s promise to empower these marginalized groups, we have endeavoured to build the capacity of women, youth and persons living with disability.

In 2016 alone, over 120 women were trained on access to government procurement services. In 2016, 32.73% of the total contract sum awarded by the county government was for the youth, women and people living with disability. This has now increased to 37.5% in the current financial year.

Today, Hon. Members, we can all attest to the fact that there is no decision that a government can take without taking into account the views of the citizens. Citizen engagement is my priority and I have ensured that sufficient funds have been allocated to facilitate public participation as provided for in law.


Hon. Members, we all know that this county was marginalized by the previous governments and devolution came to save the county from the past government-inflicted pain. Infrastructure in the county was in a sorry state and we cannot talk about this topic without wondering why it had to happen like that for a long period of time.

I promised to buy four graders and one bulldozer to open up new roads, establish a county rural roads maintenance unit to repair roads, re-classify major roads, and develop a county roads network master plan, gravel earth roads and buy passenger boats for Turkwel dam.

Today, My Government has opened over 286 Kms of roads, graded 295 Kms, installed 292 culverts, constructed 7 drifts, installed 91 gabion boxes, constructed 2 box culverts at Tartar and Kapkunyuk, constructed 3 footbridges at Naleliamit in Suam, Orwa in Sekerr and Kois in kanyang’areng. Other foot bridges include Shelpogh and Chemotong in Pokot South.

My government also purchased 3 graders, 3 tippers, 1 excavator, 1 water bowser, 1 steel drum roller, 1 backhoe and several other road construction implements for road maintenance works.

During the rainy season, it is a common phenomenon to see roads getting into bad state, not because of poor workmanship, but because of the effects of storm water.

In order to address these emerging issues, the county developed a Roads Maintenance Bill which in effect established the roads maintenance unit that has been tasked with the responsibility of rehabilitating those roads. My government has therefore been appropriating funds for this emergency work to ensure that citizens get the services we promised them at the beginning.

Hon. Members, I have worked hand in hand with the national government in the mobilization of resources for the tarmacking of the Kamatira- Kapsait Road as is required by Article 189 of the Constitution of Kenya.

This is a milestone achievement in the sense that great farmers of Lelan who produce easily perishable goods such as milk and potatoes will now get an opportunity to access the market in the shortest time possible. The road also opens up the Cherangani hills for tourism and investment.

However, the road to the implementation of the dreams highlighted through my policy initiatives in this term has not been all smooth in this department. I have noted with great concern that some projects have delayed. This has pulled back our strides towards achieving our objectives. I have since directed the department to fast track the completion of those projects.


Hon. Members, a look at the status of the county health before devolution reminds us of a county that healthcare for the people was not taken seriously by the previous governments. From inadequate health personnel, lack of medicine or where available, citizens are sent to purchase them in private pharmacies at exorbitant prices, inadequate health facilities, poor ambulance services to negligence among many others.

Indeed, our people suffered greatly. That has now changed, with the inception of the county government, and our people have seen hope.

I pledged to decentralize health services to the smallest unit of government. I promised in my manifesto that I will upgrade Kacheliba, Chapareria and Kabichbich health centres to hospitals. I also promised that county health management committees will be established to ensure smooth operation of these health facilities.

It is also true to say that I promised a County Hospital with modern medical equipment. Apart from these, I envisioned a health unit with good communication to avoid leadership challenges in hospitals as well as electricity connectivity to these health facilities.

My government has constructed over 30 maternity wards. The construction of maternity wards has enabled expectant mothers to deliver in the safe hands of skilled attendants thus reducing maternal deaths.

My administration has upgraded several dispensaries to health centres. Kacheliba, Chepareria and Sigor have been equipped and upgraded to the level of sub-county hospitals.

My government has further constructed over 35 staff quarters across the county; 52 new dispensaries and renovated another 5 dispensaries across the county for example Lengorok dispensary in Alale Ward.

The purchase of a 300 KVA generator, oxygen plant and laundry equipment at Kapenguria County referral Hospital is but a continuation of the work done in upgrading the hospital to the status of a referral facility. This followed extensive work in terms of renovation of the entire hospital, equipping the hospital with modern facilities for instance at the dental clinic, maternity equipment, the x-ray equipment and the state of the art operating theatre.

The emergency wing which has now been completed is soon set to provide a 24 hour operation to emergencies and handling of referrals made from various health units across the county.

It should be emphasized that my administration has continued to procure drugs for distribution to all dispensaries which has prompted the county government to construct drug stores in several health facilities.

Hon. Members, allow me to compare, though in summary, the status of our health sector in the year 2012 and the year 2016. We had a single ambulance in 2012, which kept breaking down but today we have 8 ambulances.

Staff houses were 22; my administration has increased the number to 106. The maternity wards were 17 but have now increased to over 100; there were no litter bin or garbage container in the county for garbage collection but we now have 47 bins and 21containers; there were 5 doctors in the county but we have now employed 38 of them; we had less than 100 nurses but we have now recruited more and we have 257 nurses; there were 3 lab technicians but today we have more than 35; we had 3 pharmacists and now we have 10 of them; we had 1 health records officer but today we have 13; we had no General Surgeon then, we have employed 2.

We have also employed additional two specialists for each of the orthopaedic and x-ray units and an occupational therapist. Finally we have employed 3 medical engineers for our health department.

Hon. Members, my government has set aside over 1 billion shillings in the recurrent expenditure for the financial year ending June, 2018 to meet the expenses that will include, among other things, purchase of drugs, medical equipment, recruitment of more doctors and nurses and other things that are aimed at providing better healthcare to our people.

Going forward into my second term, I am determined to ensure that my government rolls out a medical cover for the elderly persons within the county. I intend to partner with NHIF and other medical insurance schemes to relieve the burden of medical bills of the elderly people from productive county citizens. You will therefore agree with me that, despite the high cost of treatment, the burden has always been carried by the younger generation who are also struggling with other commitments such as payment of school fees and other basic needs.

I feel the pain of those low income earners who have persistently carried this burden and are ready to listen to my government’s proposal to take an insurance cover for them.


Hon. Members, education forms an integral part of our society. I believed from the start of devolution, that establishing a clear educational framework is key to empowering our people. In my manifesto back then, I proposed a framework through which bursary was to be given to needy students, expansion of Kapenguria Polytechnic and construction of other youth polytechnic centres in Sook and Kodich. I talked about establishing a county ECD Training centre, school feeding programs, partnering with universities to establish constituent colleges in the county and improving learning conditions in learning institutions among many others.

Today, in the understanding that education must begin with a proper foundation, my government has constructed many new ECD centres across the county. These centres have been equipped with sufficient learning materials.

My government has also supported the school feeding program by procuring maize, beans and other foodstuffs for supply to these ECD centres. This has not only promoted good health among the school going children, but has encouraged children, especially those from drought prone areas to attend school at tender ages and promote school retention.

It is fair to say, that the construction of ECD College at Aramaket, which is set to hold its first ever graduation ceremony, has enabled the county government to build the capacity of teachers who take charge of our children in those ECD centres.

In the past, we observed a case scenario where untrained teachers taught our children and indeed that posed a great challenge in the development of academic skills acquired by our children right from the start. Today, the college has enrolled 208 full time students and 132 school-based students.

My government has also supported infrastructural development for primary and secondary schools especially in areas where the previous government had neglected or where emergencies arose that warranted the county government’s attention.

Most importantly, Hon. Members is the increased allocation of bursary fund from the initial 50 million to 160 Million. You will realize that this increment does not take into account the amount allocated for the on-going scholarships. It means therefore that the amount exceeds 200 Million. This has been necessitated by the fact that many needy children enrolled in schools and my government believes in fully assisting needy children to realize their dreams.

In summary by the end of 2016 a total of 10,969 students benefited from the kitty in which, 7,717 were secondary school students, 1,650 were college students and 1,602 were University students.

My administration has also upgraded youth polytechnics to provide an avenue through which youth in the county can access training institutions.

It is through these polytechnics and technical institutions that the county will be able to get skilled personnel in those technical areas such as plumbing and wiring among many others. In line with my policies, my government has therefore established two enterprise resource units at Kapenguria and Chepareria youth polytechnics and successfully trained 175 youth on entrepreneurial skills in 2016 alone. I am glad therefore to report that those trainees completed their attachments and are now investing in the larger county market.

In 2016, my government trained a further 160 youth on ICT. It should be noted that 6 youth polytechnics have so far been equipped with ICT materials. Hon. Members, in summary, the enrolment in the youth polytechnic stands at 2,119 students as of 2016.

My government has completed major infrastructural development in many departments. Those construction works consumed a huge chunk of the county revenue basket. I intend to channel more funds to deliver the constitutional requirement that basic education should be accessible to all children.


Once again Hon. Members, I ask you to allow me to remind us of the status of these particular sectors prior to devolution. Mass loss of livestock as a result of drought or regular outbreak of livestock diseases was despairing amongst pastoralists. Dairy farmers in the highland regions of Lelan, Tapach and Siyoi occasionally lost income as a result of milk going bad before reaching the markets. Co-operative societies collapsed due to lack of business. The economy that relied heavily on trading in agricultural produce dropped due to low income. Mass scale honey farming was not well established in the past.

Hon. Members, we can all agree, here and now, that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of this county before devolution was so low that it indicated that our people were living below the poverty line.

But then, I can recall clearly promising in my manifesto that I will purchase tractors to till land to enhance productivity; promote coffee farming; establish potato nurturing centres in Lelan; expand land under irrigation as well as establish new irrigation schemes; provide mango processing plant in Lomut; improve livestock breeds, ensure that the slaughter house in Nasukuta is operational; export meat to regional and international markets; construct more cattle dips; improve access roads to farms and to key markets and to establish new co-operative societies.

Hon. Members, my government has done all it takes to market agricultural produce through holding the annual county show which has become an avenue through which farmers showcase their produce to the larger market. Indeed we have seen results in terms of awareness among farmers.

Provision of extension services to the farmers has been a priority. 2016 alone saw the county holding 4 field days for farmers, 205 barazas, 324 farming demonstrations, 1170 farm visits, 22,523 trained as part of extension service providers, 15 field interviews and 15 live sessions at Kalya FM among other means accessible through media platforms.

My government established 264 plant clinic sessions which benefited 822 farmers; 80 cases of plant health were attended through the county data sharing forum and 8 commercial villages for banana, bulb onions, mangoes, green grams, Irish potatoes, water melons, pawpaw and temperate fruits in various wards across the county.

My administration subsidized farm inputs such as seedlings through which 10,708 plantlets of bananas, 4500 avocado, 11304 mangoes and 2125 pawpaw seedlings were supplied to farmers.

The land under cultivation through irrigation increased to 150 hectares and is benefiting 900 horticultural farmers as well as maize farmers. It is important to mention that the Agricultural Machinery Act has enabled the county government to provide tractors to farmers at a cheaper cost as compared to prevailing market prices. Mechanization of agriculture is a way of promoting large scale farming. Further, fertilizers and seeds have also been provided to farmers at subsidized costs.

We have managed to supply good breeds of livestock to farmers for example galla goats from Laikipia. Doper sheep, dairy goats and Sahiwal bulls are among those quality breeds supplied to farmers by the county government. We have also introduced better breeds of camels to arid areas such as Masol.

In value addition and marketing of livestock products, my government has purchased 5 acres of land for the construction of Chepareria Sale Yard. Other sale yards include Cheptuya, Chepkobe, Ortum and Kacheliba.

My administration has also planted 200 acres of ploughed land in Nasukuta some parts of Central Pokot to provide pasture for livestock. Further, we have purchased harrows which have been used to plough land resulting to growing of pasture for feeding livestock.

By end of 2016, 93 cattle dips had been constructed and were regularly used by farmers across the county. In doing so, my government has endeavoured to prevent livestock diseases so as to cushion farmers from the devastating effects occasioned by livestock deaths. In addition, we have constructed 6 metallic crushes.

In brief, my government in 2016 alone vaccinated over 93,228 goats against CCPP and PPR, 47,174 sheep, 389 dogs against rabies, 13,984 cattle against foot and mouth disease, 17,973 sheep and 21,226 goats against sheep and goat pox and 4,500 poultry against Newcastle disease.

My Administartion has continued to promote fish farming by constructing a Tilapia hatchery in Kapenguria which is fully equipped. A further 6 pond liners have been identified in Nasokol girls, St. Elizas Girls Kabichbich, Weiwei boys, Meshack Tumkou and Chesta girls. Turkwel dam has seen officers employed by the county government fully monitoring the area to avoid bad fishing practices where fishermen use nets that catch even the fingerlings.

My government has purchased 35,000 mono sex fingerlings for farmers from Chwele hatchery and Wakhungu hatchery which grow at a faster rate. In addition, to this, the county has built the capacity of farmers through sponsoring 600 farmers to visit fish farms.

Hon. Members, Nasukuta abattoir was recently handed over to my government and I have already swung into action by putting all measures that are required for its operationalization.

It is my expectation that the facility will create more than 3,000 jobs either directly or indirectly.

To do so, negotiations between my government and investors from the Asian Countries as well as the European Union are underway and are progressing well.

Hon. Members, with the completion of major flagship irrigation schemes across the county, more land will be available for farming. I intend to ensure that favourable irrigation methods are used in order to conserve water for growing more crops for example drip irrigation.

I have proposed that key irrigation schemes will have accessible water pans, big enough to enable farmers to store water up to 3 dry seasons. This will reduce farmers’ overreliance on rain water for cultivation in this unpredictable era of global warming. These water pans will be fed by surface run off, which will be done through construction of channels and proper drainage systems. In addition, my government will construct water pans in key rivers to ensure that sufficient water is available for agriculture.


My government is working to see to it that the operationalization of Ortum cement factory will be effective for production of cement. Talks with investors are on-going to see this vision come true. Apart from this, we have continued to empower artisans in the cottage industry for instance the Jua kali sector and revived Keringet coffee industry to take businesses to the grassroots and provide an enabling environment for business.

My government, ladies and gentlemen, has constructed new markets and boda boda sheds in a bid to increase trade in areas such as and Bendera in Kapenguria and Sigor among many other places. This has opened jobs for women and youth groups.

The biashara mashinani fund is meant to provide loans to entrepreneurs to start businesses with the intention of empowering people and hence improving their livelihoods.

In the past, there existed rogue business persons robbing our people by using faulty weighing scales.

In addressing this matter, my government, through the consumer protection scheme, measured 1,414 scales, and thus the people have received value for their products. This also generated revenue for the county due to proper weighing of produce brought to the markets.

My government has supported co-operative societies by purchasing milk cooling equipment. In 2016, Siyoi and Kapsangar received cooling plants. This has reduced the rate of losses initially incurred by dairy farmers. We further distributed 252 beehives to Alale FCs, Kodich Fcs and Kapchok Fcs to promote bee keeping. Finally, 6 co-operative societies were registered to promote co-operative movement.

My administration has finished feasibility studies for the establishment of a milk processing plant in Lelan. Funds will now be allocated for the construction of a modern milk processing plant to add value to the dairy products.


Hon. Members, land adjudication before devolution was challenging. Corruption and inaccessibility of records for the citizens was the order of the day. In my manifesto, I promised to change the course of things and to make it easier for people to resolve land conflicts, acquire titles deeds and to invest in their land.

My government has developed a 10 year spatial plan and established 29 survey controls for spatial planning in Makutano, Kacheliba, Chepareria,Ortum and Kapenguria. By the end of 2016, 470 mutations had been registered for issuance of title.

Hon. Members, 178 analogue maps were also converted to digital platforms to ease administration and preparation of cadastral surveys. Further, the department has acquired satellite imagery of Land adjudication areas in Endugh,Shalpogh and Sook.

Hon. Members, on land disputes, 40 cases were resolved which translated to 8% of the total cases reported for resolution. The County has also managed to survey 513 parcels of land in Kongelai group ranch. On land adjudication, my government has prepared registry index maps for Sekerr, Muino and Sook.

Hon. Members, we have seen how Makutano town has been transformed. Urban development framework was developed, first through successfully enactment of the Urban Planning Act. This has seen my government partner with Kenya Power and Lighting Co. Ltd to install street lights around the town. The street lighting project has extended to areas such as Mawingo road, Bendera, Sakas,Makutano- Baptist road, Cereal road, Makutano-Kitale road and its environs.

My government will continue to open access roads in major urban centres while promoting controlled development of major towns within the county.


Hon. Members, before devolution, our people relied upon Non-Governmental Organizations to drill water. The past government did not consider the suffering of our people.

My government developed policies to address this challenge and delivered 120 boreholes across the county by the end of 2016. True to the promise of capitalizing on renewable energy, my government has further upgraded 9 boreholes to solar powered at Lotongot, Chepkondol, Nakwapou, Kaitukum, Chelopoy, Kapul, Chemulunjo and Lotepes. Drilling of these boreholes has been facilitated by my government’s acquisition of the rig and trucks which have been traversing this county on such special missions for our people.

My government has constructed a water pan at Lotongot which is capable of holding millions of litres of water to provide water during the dry season. In addition, my government constructed 11 sand dams in 2016 in many areas such as Lokadungot among others.

Other water projects that my government has initiated include Kokpor water supply project, Pkaliny spring protection, Chepkoighket-sukuk, Ptengaru,Annet dispensary water project,Kanglikwan spring protection, Miskwony primary school borehole and Kases borehole just to sample few of these water projects.

My administration has also rehabilitated 4 water supply systems in Muruny-Chepareria, Sigor, Cheptoruk, and Chesegon. By the end of 2016, a further 12 water supply schemes have been completed and another 8 were under construction. We have also provided over 100 community water points.

My government reclaimed 50 acres of land in Tikit in Masol ward and controlled 2 sites of gullies in Adatat of Kodich Ward and Natimeri of Kiwawa Ward to return the degraded land to its original state so that pasture and other crops could grow and therefore improve the livelihoods of the people.

Again, we have taken into account the fact that the water pumps keep breaking down and leaving the people deprived of water. My government has trained over 20 artisans from the arid wards on borehole maintenance, pump installation and pump repairs.


Hon. Members, tourism provides employment, develops trade, brings in foreign cash and improves the economy of the county in general. Culture is not only our ability to preserve our traditions, but also our abilities to use our heritage, our diversity for economic gain. We can sell products from our cultural heritage to tourists and that will change the lives of the people.

I have always remained steadfast in reminding myself to remain true to the promise of respecting the constitutional requirements of gender equity in employment, scholarships to talented girls and helping persons with disability. I have always sought to address issues pertaining sporting activities in the county and to create an enabling infrastructural development for sports.

This commenced with the construction of a high altitude athletics camp in Kaptabuk. Further, my administration has constructed a football pitch at showground and has equipped it with the necessary facilities for sports.

My government recognises the fact that our culture is our heritage and pride; we have therefore constructed cultural centres such as Sintagh and Kopulio. We have also renovated several social halls such as Konyao social hall.

My administration has constructed Makutano social information centre is now complete and is awaiting equipment to commence operation.

My government has brought the elders and traditional dancers on board in charting the course to be followed in establishing our county as a stop shop for cultural heritage.

My administration realizes the fact that religion plays an important role in shaping the morality of our community. Religion, Hon. Members, cultivates a culture of respect, honesty and humanity among us all.

In this regard, I have worked closely with all religions in the county with an aim of promoting peace and cohesion. I wish to congratulate denominations which have devolved their leadership to the grass root levels. I wish therefore to call upon the bishops and imams to pray and give honest advice to the people especially during this campaign period.

This department, however, did not meet the policy objectives set out at the beginning of this term. Despite the resources allocated to the department, the relevant officers did not promote sports and culture as was expected. However, important lessons have been learnt so far and we are determined to take action to address this issue once and for all.


My government has cleansed the payroll and digitalized the process of staff documentation to ensure effective dissemination of duties among staff and eradicating ghost workers. This is in line with my belief that no funds will be paid for services not rendered.

The constitution requires that the government, ought to be transparent in dissemination of information to the public. It is clear that my government has not dragged its feet in fulfilling this requirement. The digitalization of the records management system is the first step in making the information accessible to the people through the e-platform.

My government has also had to withstand the pressure of the on-going inter-community conflicts around its borders. This has become an impediment to economic and socio-cultural development. People have lost lives, and property has been lost. It has come at a worst time in the calendar of politics. Politicians from either community are pulling in the directions that appeal to their respective voters.

Yet, they overlook important facts about the search for a lasting solution to causes of conflict in the volatile pastoral regions.

My government has endeavoured to provide alternative source of livelihoods to our people by promoting agriculture to attract their attention from over relying on livestock which depend on the ever decreasing pasture resulting to conflicts. We have further responded positively to the problems faced by our people in conflict prone areas with an aim of reducing tension among them and we have constructed schools and provided incentives to youth in these areas to go to schools so that their perception about life changes from aggression to the modern civilization.

My government has also supported victims of disaster such as landslides, drought and flooding. My government distributed close to 30,000 bags of relief maize which benefited over 27,604 people in mostly affected areas. The department also erected lightning arrestors to mitigate the effects of lighting and thunderstorms.


Hon. Members, we all know that the county received 598 Million of equalization fund. I personally presided over the process of allocating funds to specific projects under equalization fund. I allocated 96 Million shillings to the construction of Lomut Bridge, 86 million to Saramee-Tapach-Sondany road, 56 Million for Iyon Bridge, 40 Million for Akiriamet Bridge, 60 million for Kanywarkwat-Kongelai –Tipet Road and 40 Million for Alale health centre among others.

Hon. Members, the mutual relationship between my government and the national government led by H.E Uhuru Kenyatta has made it possible to achieve all these things.


I am impressed with the development of this County Assembly. When we started, we inherited structures that were in bad shape. I remember, during the opening of this Assembly, the roof was leaking. Despite that, I promised to see to it that our legislative assembly becomes a model county assembly.

Together with the leadership of this Assembly, I struggled to make it what it is today. We now have renovated office spaces, state of the art Hansard equipment, a generator and new modern buildings such as the restaurant and the modern county assembly complex which is projected to be completed next year. This building will host offices, committee rooms, chambers among many other important facilities.

I know that this Assembly has passed a good number of bills, motions, statements, reports and petitions in addition to the heavy work of oversight and representation, in accordance with the mandate vested upon the Hon. Members.

Congratulations Hon. Members for a work well done.


I have laid a very firm foundation for socio-economic prosperity for this county. For the past four years, this county has received a positive review from all quarters because of the relatively good security within the county and along our borders.

My second term will now focus on completing the on-going projects and initiate new ones that target wealth creation. I wish to see my people generate income through trade and investments. To all Kenyan and foreign investors, West Pokot is the destination of choice.

Hon. Members, we know that this is now a campaign period and my speech is coming at a time when all of you, if not a majority of you, are prepared to defend your respective seats or are looking forward to getting new positions.

I wish you well in the primaries that are scheduled to be conducted in the coming weeks. I know for sure that we have towed together, in harmony and in pursuit for the good of our people. I know that we can collectively say, with confidence and honesty that we have brought the county government from far and for the better.

That even though we have had our political differences, the needs of the Pokot people never took any other position than the first one. Our politics may have made us to speak badly of each other in public, but in private, I am certain that all of you must have said at one point or another, that my government has achieved a lot more than it was projected.

Hon. Members, we know that Rome was neither built in a day nor was it built in a short span of time. In four years, we have made great achievements compared to the fifty years of independence.

I am honest enough to say that I am not requesting an additional 10 or twenty years to build this county. At this pace, I can assure you that I only require 5 more years to achieve our dreams and aspirations.

To get good health facilities in every village, piped water in every village, good road network in every village, the best animal breeds and plant seedlings in every village, to get all children acquire basic education in every village, to make this county an industrialized county, to add value to our products, to market our products, to create wealth, to provide medical cover to the elderly, to provide street lights to all urban centres in the county, give me 5 more years.

God Bless You!

God Bless West Pokot County!