To be a centre of excellence in financial and economic planning, service delivery transformation and devolution for a high quality of life to all County Citizens.
To provide overall leadership and policy direction in resource mobilization, management and accountability for quality public service delivery
The department commits itself to the following values in order to achieve its objective. These are:
o    Accountability and Transparency
o    Equity and Equality
o    Professionalism and Integrity
o    Innovativeness and Creativity
o    Efficiency and Effectiveness
o    Team work and Passion for Results
o    Customer Centred Service
o    Participatory Approach and Inclusiveness
A strong public financial management system is a catalyst for economic growth and development.
Department of Finance and Economic Planning play a key and strategic role within the overall structure of West Pokot county government. It has the mandate of monitoring, evaluating and overseeing the management of public finances and economic affairs of the county government including roles and responsibilities enumerated under the Public Finance Management Act of 2012 and the Governor’s Executive Orders issued periodically.
The Department also facilitates and coordinates the County revenue collection, budgeting processes, economic planning process and provides leadership in the implementation of finance and economic policies.