Children from Kaptabuk Village and nearby villages may soon be able to benefit from their talents following a search by Nike Company to discover young talents. The identified talents will consequently join a training camp in Kaptabuk Area.

 Dr. Rosa presenting a cheque to Kaptabuk headtecher

The team from Nike the Manager Dr. Rosa Gabriote, expressed the need to identify and nurture talents from an early age. Dr. Rosa pointed out that great athletes who are celebrated worldwide, hail from Kaptabuk, and emphasized that every child with a talent has the chance to shine too. “More than twenty internationally renowned athletes come from here and that should be something that you should be proud of.”
Dr. Rosa holds a yearly luncheon at Kaptabuk Primary School with athletes, students and parents from the school. He was also very instrumental in the completion of the Schools administration building.

 Dr. Rosa - Nike Manager

Mr. Ripis Charito, The County Chief Sports Officer, applauded the effort being done by Nike in supporting and nurturing talent in West Pokot County and in Kenya as a whole. He said that The County Government is willing to partner with Nike in supporting local talent. He however, requested Nike’s support in running of the Kaptabuk High Altitude Training Camp. In response to this, Dr. Rosa agreed to partner with The County Government in the running of the camp.

 Mr. Ripis - Chief Sports Officer

The day was crowned with a presentation of a $2,000 (Ksh.230,000) cheque to the school’s Principal to aid in their projects.