Striking nurses’ at Kapenguria referral hospital have been directed to return to work or else risk losing their jobs.
Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo made the announcement after inspecting the hospital to ascertain its condition and expressed his huge disappointment following the nurses’ strike that has cost the lives of many across the nation.

He further expressed his displeasure following the conduct of the nurses’ who are yet to return to work, citing that the strike has been long overdue and needs to end as soon as possible. Nurses have been on strike since the month of June this year.
“The condition of this hospital is worrying. The wards are empty and deserted. If nurses do not want to return to work, we can recruit others,” said the governor.

He pointed out that health is a devolved function and as such, the counties are responsible for paying salaries of all employees, citing the about 400 nurses employed by the county as among them. Governor Prof Lonyangapuo threatened to stop the salaries of those nurses still on strike as from tomorrow, “I will be here very early in the morning tomorrow to take a roll call. Those who would have not reported should be ready to resign and pave way for those who are willing to work for our people.”
The governor however maintained that his government has the goodwill to ensure that the strike comes to an end, adding that negotiations are ongoing so that the two parties can come to an agreement.

He either said that he had approved a budget for the salary increment of the nurses.
This comes two weeks after governors who met in Nairobi directed all striking nurses to return to work by today, but has not been the case.
SRC has termed the controversial nurses’ pay deal as “exaggerated and unaffordable.”