West Pokot County Government in conjunction with The National Government has allocated funds to the purchase of maize, beans, green grams, sorghum and cowpeas for the most vulnerable farmers in the county. The Deputy Governor Hon. Titus Lotee flagged off the seeds and tractors set to benefit the farmers within the county.

In addition, the county Government purchased five tractors complete with necessary implementations for subsidized land preparation in order to have timely land preparation in order to have timely land preparation.

The tractors started ploughing from the highland areas and so far they have ploughed 350 acres of land. They are now being moved to the low land areas where land is hard when dry and is only workable after onset of rains.

A total of 3.848tons of maize, 1.92tons of beans, 5.952tons of green grams, 5.952tons of cow peas and 4.1 tons of sorghum to be shared among four sub counties. A total 9,562 farmers will benefit and the seeds will cover a total area of 3636.8 acres.

The seeds will be distributed to the four Sub-Counties respectively.