The Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo has been inaugurated as the patron of Red Cross in West Pokot county.
Leading the Red Cross team that has been actively involved in alleviating suffering among communities across the nation, the Kenya Red Cross Society Governor Dr. Mohamud Said pointed out that inauguration of the 47 governors as KRCS patrons has been ongoing since the dispensation of the new leadership in counties.
Governor Prof Lonyangapuo said that Red Cross has played a great role in this county especially in times of disasters, emphasizing that Red Cross has been a sign of hope to those in suffering.

“West Pokot and Red cross are synonymous. We need to continue working closely in this noble course of helping those who need help, especially along the borders.”
The governor put emphasis on the need for clean water in most parts of West Pokot county, saying that there is need for the county to partner with Red Cross on issues that affect the common mwananchi on a daily basis.

“We are ready to partner with you in building schools, proving water and basic necessities to those in need.”
He said this while citing an hospital in Turkwel that has been left obsolete years after being built due to lack of any other development that would have led to the hospital being operational. The governor urged the team from Red cross to get into an agreement with them such as getting ambulances on a mutual understanding.
KRCS Governor Dr. Said pointed out that this county is among their priority counties in proving support and emergence response services.

“We have this county deep in our hearts. That is why we are here today to further the good course we have been undertaking.”
The County Secretary reiterated that as a county, they are ready to work with all partners so as to serve the people of this county, citing the need for a good workforce and hence the need to collaborate.