AUGUSTINE MONGES LOTODO - CEC

Globally Competitive Economy with sustainable and Equitable social economic development where citizens operate freely across borders.
To promote, Coordinate and Implement integrated socio-economic policies and programs for a rapidly industrializing economy.
Department message
West Pokot County is unique in many ways. It is one of the few counties that are naturally endowed with resources which if tapped into, it would unlock an enormous economic potential.
As a ministry, we realize the need to discover this potential, and as such, we have embarked on an ambitious journey; one that will spur economic growth in our county.
Our key mandate is to promote industrialization and enterprise development through; Industrialization and cooperative policy formulation and implementation. As such, our main focus is to ensure rapid and sustainable growth of the industrial and cooperative sector in our county.
We also recognize that most of our people are quite enterprising as has been witnessed through the numerous business ventures they have been engaging in. We want to ensure that our business men and women thrive in their economic endeavours, and to achieve this, we shall offer business incentives to boost their businesses and ensure they are competitive, both regionally and countrywide.
Sustainable growth means equitable development. We seek to spur growth in all areas of our economy through consultation with investors and adoption of key strategies and policies that will see us enhance our productivity through high value addition and diversification.
To increase market access, we shall hold trade fairs and exhibitions, conferences and investment meetings. This will offer a great platform for our people to market their produce to the rest of the country and globally.                     





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