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Internal Trade is among the fully devolved functions in the 2010 constitution. The specific functions of the department are outlined in the fourth schedule part two of the constitution as follows;-
Trade development and regulation include;-

    Trade licences(excluding regulation of professionals)
    Fair trade practices
    Cooperative societies

The division of trade in the county will therefore be responsible for promotion of orderly growth of trade through provision of business development services and trade regulation. It will also be responsible for promotion of investment and for implementing the national trade policies at the county level. The division will also be expected to be responsible for advocacy and provision of consumer protection and for ensuring that business exhibit fair trade practices.
The functions of the division will specially be as follows:

    The implementation of the national trade policy
    Promotion of trade investments
    Trade licensing and regulation
    Provision of business development services
    Coordination and development of micro, small and medium business engaged in trade
    Development of whole sale and retail trade
    Management of credit scheme for micro and small business
    Collection of business information and management of county business information centres
    Promotion of export business and domesticating bilateral, regional and national trade
    Advocacy for the provision of market infrastructure
    Promotion and facilitation of the intra, inter-county trade and cross border trade
    Management of county physical markets and regulation of hawking activities
    Promotion of fair trade practices
    Promotion of use of e-commerce
    Conduct of trade fairs/exhibitions and facilitating trade missions in the county
    Promotion of consumer protection

A) Trade development section

    General trade development in the county in line with National Trade Policy
    General promotion and coordination of the development of micro, small and medium enterprises engaged in trade
    Management of credit finance for micro, small and medium business
    Promotion of wholesale, retail trade
    Collection of business information and management of county business information centres
    Promotion of exports in the county
    Undertake promotion of inter, intra-county and cross border trade
    Promote fair trade practices
    Implement vision 2030 trade project/programmes

B) Investment section

    advocacy for creation of conducive environment
    undertake profiling of investment opportunities in the county
    collaborate with other agencies in development of county investment plans

C) Weights and measure section

    ensuring use of approved weights and measures equipment in trading
    undertake consumer protection

D) Business training section

    Undertaking business training and counselling
    providing business consultancy services

E) Licensing and markets section

    business regulation and licensing
    advocacy for provision of market infrastructure
    management of county markets and hawking activities


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