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Our Mission is to turn the county into a tourist destination locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

West Pokot County has got attractive potential resources which have not been tapped to improve the livelihoods of the residents.

There are peculiar attractive sites such as Chebon Hill, Mtelo, Kmrom, koghogh, Loruzuk and Morpus. There are also species of wild animals such as elephants at Nasolot game reserve.

Pokot and the Sengwer Communities have rich cultures and we target to tap traditional songs and dances.

We will also promote the communitys wonderful national traditional melodies which have been exposed internationally. Conservancies such as Masol, Seker, Wizilat, Kongelai, Kunyau are vibrant points for tourism.

My department will seek investor to establish a tourist hotel in Tipet, Riting & Saramach. On Sports, the department is targeting to nurture talents of different kinds among the youths in the county.

Many People from the county have in the past won gold medals through athletics, my department will focus in tapping these potentials and Makutano stadium will be under a major facelift to accommodate high class competitions. All these are done to bring transformation and development in the county to enhance good living standard among the local residents.


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