CEC Luka Kapoghiotwo Chepelion


Roads network and transport is one of the most important aspects of our economy. For our county to move forward collectively, we need to ensure that our people get access to good roads so as to be able to engage in business activities in a bid to improve their income.
In striving to improve our physical infrastructure in roads, we target several initiatives and strategies which include; roads and airstrips construction and improvement, public works quality assurance, street lighting etc.
As has been the case in the past few months, we have embarked on an ambitious process of building and rehabilitating our roads around the county. This is part of a broader strategy aimed at changing the look of our county.
We have laid down various strategies and targets that will be pursued in five years. These strategies and targets include;
•    Develop strategies for construction and operation.
•    Complete design and contract strategies
•    Development and management of affordable housing
•    Public works policy and planning


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